Naturally Fertile is a concept based around you and your fertility.  At Naturally Fertile we want to empower you to know more about your body and its amazing power to reproduce from puberty to menopause and all those stages in between your reproductive life.

It’s all about you getting to know your body basics – simple anatomy and physiology (how your body works) focused around fertility.  Learn via our informative musings on all matters of your reproductive health.

For the support and expertise that Naturally Fertile provides pertaining to your specific needs click on the categories below:

Fertility Awareness

Fertility Awareness                                                 Pregnancy Planning (to conceive)

Whilst the main aim of Naturally Fertile is to inform through free information online and via public talks we also teach the scientifically proven Sympto-thermal method of family planning.

Your Naturally Fertile Consultant

Lorraine FerrierNatural Fertility New ZealandLorraine Ferrier is our Natural Fertility New Zealand Accredited Fertility Consultant who can advise you on all your fertility needs.

Lorraine travels gently alongside you on your fertility journey through Naturally Fertile and she can also offer expert natural healthcare advice including herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle advice and body therapies to aid fertility (or your general health) through her other company Ayusoma Ayurveda.  Lorraine has been in the natural healthcare field since 2004 and as such offers a wealth of knowledge, not only in her specific area of expertise but with other health professionals.

Contact Lorraine NOW for a no obligation chat

 Lorraine is more than happy to come and talk to groups contact her NOW for more information

There are many ways to contact Lorraine out in the community and via the Naturally Fertile distance learning service, which means wherever you are in the world you can always access this invaluable service.